ScrumHalf is a tool for agile projects support. Running as SaaS, it requires no installation by the customer, but only to signup and start using it.

ScrumHalf Agile Manager

ScrumHalf has several resources to ease team and project management.

  • Virtual Task-board (Kanban Board), allowing distributed work by your team and keeping all data about the tasks performed;
  • Drag-and-drop Product Backlog, with any kind of document attachment;
  • Graphs and Reports to help follow the performance of your team on the planned tasks;
  • Virtual War Room, so your team can discuss project details in its own environment and keep the decisions registered;
  • Release Planning, with estimation based on your team velocity or any other desired velocity, presented on Gantt charts; and
  • Many other features to make your work easier.

Take a look at ScrumHalf and enjoy all benefits of using an Agile Manager. We have a Free plan for students and smal projects. Check it now!